Matt has written and designed two humorous and medically accurate swatch books about poo. Published by Vermilion, an imprint of Penguin Random House.

Know Your Baby Poo

Your handy guide to the sh*t every parent needs to know.

Most new parents become obsessed with poo – and for good reason. You can find an incredible array of colours in a nappy, and understanding it all is key to a baby's health.

Paediatrician-approved and full of top-tips and remedies, this unique and witty swatch book turns the 'poo palette' into a source of amusement, as well as answering vital questions like:

- Is it normal for their poo to look like Dijon mustard?
- What should you do if their nappy resembles an oil spill?
- Why is your baby's bottom going off like Crack-atoa?

Featuring 16 types of turd including Lumpty Dumpty, Peanut Butter Smelly Time and Nuclear Bum, this guide is a perfect gift for any parent with a sense of humour. And to survive parenthood, you're going to need one.

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Know Your Sh*t

our poo says a lot about our health. but how well do you know your sh*t?

This unique, witty and handy colour swatch book is your entertaining and informative guide to every poo you will ever do. Based on real medical advice and full of pop culture gags, you’ll learn fascinating facts about your faeces:

- Why floaters float
- Why stinkers stink
- What is and isn't normal
- How to poo like a pro

With 19 turds to compare to your own, including Poopcorn, Ring Stinger and Lumpty Dumpty, this is an essential guide for anyone who gives a crap about their health (or just has an unhealthy obsession with toilet humour).

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How did this happen?

Matt originally created his swatch guide to baby poo as a gift for Dave when his first child was born.

Dave loved it and found it useful, so Matt sent copies to publishers. He soon had several offers, eventually signing with the UK’s top parenting publisher, Vermilion at Penguin Random House UK, who commissioned an adult guide too.

Both books are approved by medical professionals and illustrated by the awesome Douggy Pledger.